Our Favourite Fictional Couples

Who we love who are in love!

Ahh don’t you just love Love? WE DO! All different types of love…The kind of love that rocks your socks off, the kind of love that destroys you body and soul because it is so gut-wrenchingly sad. The love that starts off in a love/hate relationship, the hate/hate relationships, the kind of love that is short and angry and emotional and doesn’t last, but also the love that is built for the ages….the forever kind.

We are firm supporters of the proud sassy heroines that don’t need no man and can 100% survive on their own without love. That being said, love should have a special place in everyone’s heart regardless of whether you experience it in real life or in a story….and these are just some of the fictional couples who have won a small place in ours.

Rhysand and Feyre (ACOTAR)

One of our favourite power couples ever! We love their relationship! Watching them grow from hatred to love – It’s beautiful. ACOMAF was a great buildup for their relationship (chapter 55 anyone?!) – not always a smooth ride, but definitely the background and foundations to an ever lasting love, which is exactly what we get in ACOWAR and ACOFAS! It is soooo good and we cannot wait for the next stage of this gorgeous tale.

Alosa and Riden (Daughter Of The Pirate King)

Kayleigh LIVES for pirate books and her favourite of all time is the incredible DotPK duology. She raved about it so much that Tish read it and also fell in love!

Alosa is the daughter of the fearsome Pirate King and all round sassy lady pirate (YAAAS QUEEN!). Riden is the First Mate of a rival ship tasked with keeping her prisoner. Cue hilarious escape attempts, simmering sexual tension, witty banter and the ultimate enemies to lovers romance. Their fiesty banter is goals and their transition from hate to love will have you swooning! Alosa’s fearless spirit meets Riden’s bad boy with a heart and the result is a passionate love story which will have you melting!

Jaenelle and Daemon Sadi (The Black Jewels)

Couple goals from Tish’s favourite trilogy – Their love story is one that she reads over and over again every year. She has been trying to get Kayleigh to read it for ages!

Jaenelle and Daemon meet when she is a child and he is 1500 or so years old (they have ridiculously long lifespans) – Daemon is a slave at court and Jaenelle grows up as a tortured unwanted child in an unloving household. it isn’t until after years of hardship and difficult events in both their lives that their paths cross again and their love story blossoms into an every lasting love – one to last the ages.

Nina and Matthias (Six Of Crows)

Six Of Crows is the unforgettable heist duology from Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse. The full cast are total squad goals but where the ya fantasy community is huge on shipping Kaz and Inej, we prefer the romance between Nina and Matthias!

Their back story will completely break you (no spoilers!) and the way they both hate each other as strongly as they love each other is so powerful. They both protect each other fiercely and their scenes together show a bond that runs deep! Kayleigh cried. A LOT. You’ll know what she means if you’ve read it. If you haven’t, prepare yourself.

Bonus Extra – Lara Jean and Peter (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before)

Ok so this relationship is not strictly Fantasy or Sci-Fi but we felt it deserved a place in our Top 5 due to the beautiful innocence of their relationship.

In case you didn’t know – Lara Jean and Peter start out in a fake relationship. Mutual benefits on both sides – Peter wants to make his ex jealous and Lara Jean wants to avoid Josh (her sister’s ex) from thinking she likes him.

Fast forward to them actually going out for real, and what you are left with is an adorable couple trying to find their way through the beginnings of a teenage relationship – its so sweet watching them fall in love and learn from their mistakes and Peter is such a dream boat!

“Break my heart, Covey,” Peter says, his eyes pleading. “Break my heart into a thousand pieces. Do whatever you want.”

Seriously, Noah Centineo – be mine?

What are some of your favourite literary couples and why? Let us know in the comments below!


Kayleigh & Tish xxx

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