April Wrap Up – Spin the Dawn

April Wrap Up and Review

Doesn’t April just feel like its been the longest month EVER! Thank god we’ve had our books and Readalongs as without Elizabeth Lim’s world to fall into….we may have just gone stir crazy!

Review: Spin the Dawn

Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim was this months pick for our Bookstaholics Anonymous Readalong, over on Instagram. Is is hailed as a combination of Mulan meets Project Runway but gosh is it so much more than that! We can safely say that the blurb doesn’t do it justice!!

The story is captivating and enchanting, we adored just how descriptive Lim is with everything, and not just the dresses! But DAYUM we want and need all of the dresses 😍. Can we please, please, please get a ton of art for this series as we need to have it visualised in front of us for rest of eternity!

The world that Lim has created is astonishing! The blend between Asian and Middle Eastern cultures is sublime – the folklore and mythology aspect had us so excited…and those trials!! We felt for Maia every step she took during those trials and couldn’t get enough of just how badass she was in getting through them!

We absolutely adored Edan & Maia as the two main characters, they are just so perfect together! They are so funny and strongheaded, their banter is perfect! It was a very believable romance and the timeline of it all developing was so well paced!

Edan is Tishs’ favourite character (sorry Maia) – she loves how he is just so sassy and stern all at once! And so mysterious!! She has decided that he reminds her of a Young Darkling with a pinch of Dorian from TOG with a splash of Hunt from Crescent City and is quite frankly in love with that combination 👏🏻🤣.

Needless to say, the second book, Unravel the Dusk, cannot come soon enough – 7th of July 2020 to be exact!! We have got ours already preordered as we are desperate to find out what happens to Maia, you should go order yours too!

It was absolutely amazing to have the author join our book club group on Sunday to chat to us and answer some questions! Thank you Elizabeth Lim!!!

We’ll be posting the full Q&A on here soon so keep your eyes open for some more inside gossip!

We hope the review has inspired you to pick up the book! If you have already read it, do you agree with our thoughts? Tell us your own opinions of it in the comments below…

Lots of love,

Kayleigh & Tish xxx

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